December 2nd, 2009

Poster Sale

Hey guys I have a bunch of posters for sale, and they are really cool! Most are $9 (shipping included) to the US (unless noted otherwise), and if you are outside of the US shipping will have to be extra. I will accept paypal only! :)

NOTE: I have linked to the album with the photos due to problems with HTML formatting :) They go in order so you can see them

Poster 1: An Cafe Snow Scene
Price: $7 due to some ripping

Poster 2: An Cafe Gokutama Rock Cafe

Poster 3: An Cafe Game Board
Price: $8 due to ripped corner

Poster 4: Gazette Shadow VI II I

Poster 5: Nightmare The World Ruler

Poster 6: Gazette Filth in the Beauty
Poster 7: An Cafe My heart Leaps for C

Poster 8: An Cafe Kakusei Heroism

Poster 9: Gazette Hyena

Poster 10: Miyavi Freedom Fighters (oversize)
Price: $13

Poster 11: An Cafe Magnya Carta

Poster 12: An Cafe Magnya Carta

Poster 13: Nightmare The World Ruler

Poster 14: Miyavi 2003

Poster 15: Psycho le Cemu Michi no Sora
Price: $5 due to water stain

Poster 16: An Cafe Candyholic era

If you have any questions please ask! :)